iPep Version 10.0.7 allows for easier and more sophisticated exchange of REIMS accounting data via the web. Currently, modules for the processing of sampling information (eNO1), mail volume data (e55) and IBRS item information (e09) are available with the following features:

  • Data validation to ensure high formal data quality
  • Upload and download of data files for collaborative updating of accounting information by the inbound and outbound PPO
  • Amendments of records and resubmission of accounting files
  • Exchange of supportive information for single records
  • Formal agreement of accounting data
  • E-mail notification of upload, download, comments, (request for) removal and/or acceptance
  • Compact overview of accounting status
  • Accuracy reports for eNO1 data based on continuous sampling
  • Sampling Planning Module for the forecast of stratum sizes and the calculation of reliable sampling rates
  • Comparison reports of eNO1 and e55 information to validate the item estimation
  • eNO1 Playground to simulate and analyze different sampling or accounting scenarios
  • Recapitulatory reports for sampling information (NO2), mail volume data (CN56) and IBRS item information (CN10) to facilitate and speed up the accounting process
  • Generation of accounting documents (NO3) with possibility to upload/download signed forms
  • Generation of accounting documents for format C postcards (NO3)
  • Generation of IBRS accounting documents (CN19) with possibility to upload/download IBRS rates
  • Overview of all accounting relevant NO3-, CN56- and CN10-figures and input of bilateral values
  • Definition of Remuneration Groups (RG) on the basis of IMPC codes with different Terminal Dues rates
  • Calculation of compound rates for REIMS V accounting by the generation of the Compound Rate Report (CRR)
  • Generation of continuative accounting documents (NO4, CN61) including a complete summary of accounting relevant volumes and Terminal Dues rates
  • User-specific settings and user administration
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